Mary of the Aether Series

An Award-Winning Young Adult series. In a tiny Arkansas town, Mary Lanham learns the magical secrets of her past and confronts an ancient evil.

"Absolutely brilliant!" - Flamingnet Teen Book Reviews

 Available at Whiskey Creek Press, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon

"Mary of the Aether is an instant, attention grabbing hit! With picturesque scenes and impeccably drawn characters, Miller weaves a suspenseful fantasy of good versus evil."  -Arkansas Book Reviewer

Selected as part of the Recommended Reading List for Arkansas Teachers in the Regional Workshop, "So Many Books, So Little Time."

The second volume, available at Whiskey Creek PressBarnes and Noble,

"Another 5 Star fantasy of good versus evil, magic and mystery. His writing is flawless, detailed and picturesque!" -Arkansas Book Reviewer

The third volume of the epic series, now available from Whiskey Creek Press, Amazon and Nook!

"Mr. Miller did an incredible job with description, paying attention to the smallest detail. The story was fresh, the plot nicely paced, and the characters unforgettable!"  -BTS Book Reviews Magazine

"A compelling fantasy with creative and refined detail in both plot and characterization...a true classic!" -Arkansas Book Reviewer

The fourth and final volume of the series - 
Available NOW at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!