Mary of Shadows

Mary of Shadows

The thrilling sequel to Mary of the Aether, NOW available from Whiskey Creek Press and author Jeffrey Aaron Miller. Check it out at Whiskey Creek Press, Kindle and Nook

You will lose friends and family, you will lose everyone you’ve ever cared about.” 

In the thrilling sequel to Mary of the Aether, Mary Lanham finds herself under relentless assault by her enemies, the Lookers. Her powers will be tested to the breaking point, as the Lookers wage a campaign of terror in the tiny town of Chesset, Arkansas. Mary may have found a new ally in the mysterious old woman, Vera, but who is Vera and what does she really want? On top of everything, the worst person in the world is moving to town to spend the summer at Kristen’s house.

If you haven't read the first book, Mary of the Aether, the e-book is now just $3.99 at Whiskey Creek Press, so check it out and be ready for the exciting continuation of the story of Mary Lanham.

Cover art by Gemini Judson

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